SharePoint Lists vs SharePoint Libraries: Who wins the war?

You have many different digital platforms and applications. From social media to gaming, people are turning to digital nomads for their social and entertainment needs. LLC provides a centralized place where you can keep a wiki-like record of the content on each platform you use. From there, you can add new pages or check out changes made to existing ones. Let’s take a look at how one LLS helps your company keep tabs on its lists and make sure they’re accessible from any device.

What is an LLS?

A list management system is a software program that allows for the centralized storage, management, and management of lists of digital content. Think of it like a spreadsheet or a to-do list. You can access listservs and tabs on any platform you use and add new lists or check out changes made to existing ones. When you add a page to your list, you can either save it as an attachment, en masse or write a note to reference it when needed. You can also remove a page from your list if you’d like to keep it from being accessible to others. You can view and edit your lists in one place, siloed and organized. In short, a list management system is a tool that helps you keep track of all of the content on multiple digital platforms at the same time.

Why Use an LLS?

One of the most essential functions of any digital platform is ensuring that all of the content on all of the digital devices is accessible and properly formatted. This can be a significant challenge in a digital-first company where data is collected and Horses are sold. When you have no idea where and how content is stored, you’re at a disadvantage when it comes to marketing to your customers.

How to Set Up a Listserv

To make your listserv a more permanent document, you can create a dedicated location for it on your website. This is usually located at the top of the page or within the footer. From there, you can easily create categories, enable recurring content, set up a comment section, and more. You can save your listservs to a cloud-based storage service or store them off-site. These storage solutions come with built-in tools to create a digital presence for your listserv. One of the best options is a content management system.


While there are numerous ways to go about this, we recommend that you start with a list management system. A centralized location for lists of all sorts will make it easier to keep track of your content, keep changes to yourself, and share stacks of lists with your team. There are many different types of lists management systems, but we recommend that you choose one that best works for your needs.

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