Wizard 101 is a fun Harry Potter style wizard game published by KingsIsle Entertainment. It is a 3D MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) Zauberer played in a fantasy realm consisting of child wizards who have to fight and an evil wizard.

At the start of the game, players are greeted by Merle Ambrose, the headmistress of Wizard Academy. As a new wizard, Ambrose will take you by the hand and guide you (with a tutorial) through the first few gameplay sequences, which involve a duel, so players can get a feel for how things are going.

Players can choose by answering a series of questions what kind of wizard they want to be, what they look like, and what name they want to have. The game offers good variety to give the player their own look and feel for the character they want in the game. This combined with a great graphic environment does a lot to personalize the game.

There are seven caster levels that a player can use in the game, namely:

Fire – The Fire spell tends to deal damage over time without much initial damage, but its potential builds the longer a fight lasts. With a fire spell, you have the unique ability to stun your enemies.

Ice – Of all casters, ice casters have the highest health and defense stats. Many of the Ice Mages’ spells have to do with increasing defense and absorbing damage. If you choose to be an ice caster, you will inevitably be invaluable in a group combat situation, as you can taunt the enemy and force them to aim at themselves so others can take out the enemy.

Storm – Storm casters have the lowest health rating but can remove buffs and rebuffs. They have the ability to deal great damage, but that comes at the cost of accuracy.

Life – Life casters can heal other casters and even do group heals. They are considered in the supporting branch of magic. Her offensive moves deal low damage but are highly accurate.

Myth – These are the ” Summoners” of the game. They possess minimal offensive abilities, and most of their spells have to do with buffing and healing their minions , who do the grunt work .

Complicated Branch

Death – Death spells come from a complicated branch of magic that tends to deal with low damage but has the ability to absorb health and heal the caster. Death Wizards can build chain spells to create powerful combos.

Balance – Balance casters tend to do a little bit of everything, like in a balance of power. They can buff other players or hold their own in fights, but they lack the ability to really shine in one area.

Players must complete various quests, learn new spells, and explore the different realms of Wizard 101’s game environment. The evil wizard to defeat at the end is Malistare Drake.

Initially, Wizard 101 game is free to play and the first zones will take hours to complete, but eventually beyond the 6th or 7th level players will have to pay a subscription fee to progress in the game. The subscription fee is only about $10 per month, or you can purchase a new zone piece by piece. The premium in-game currency is called Crowns and can be purchased in batches of $5 or more.

Card-based combat routine

Wizard 101 has a card-based combat routine. Combat is relatively slow, but the concept of each caster being able to enchant each other while using the card-based system actually works well together. Players begin by drawing from a randomly drawn deck of cards from their deck, which can be customized, and draw a new card each turn. There are damage spell cards, healing spell cards, and buff/rebuff spell cards. The course of the card game is well explained in the tutorial.

As a game, Wizard 101 tops the playability list, although it may be easier than some other games. Set in a Harry Potter-style setting, it’s well-suited to younger gamers Zauberer those just starting out with online gaming (or those who just love magic and wizarding games). It’s worth downloading the first free game part to see if you want to go further in the environment of this game.

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