Details of eligibility: The process needed to apply for a work permit

Hiring workers is one of the frequent challenges that both small and large companies face. Generally, the labor policy of Singapore is for the locals to get a priority to get a job available in the industry. When the Singaporean workers are not enough for the skills needed or not available to take the job, the government issues a work permit to companies that want to hire talented foreign workers.

However, there are a lot of particular rules and regulations when it comes to hiring foreign talents. Singapore required foreign workers to acquire a particular work visa. They have the Work Permit (for unskilled workers), S Pass Singapore visa (for mid-skilled workers), and Employment Pass( for professional workers). The Ministry of Manpower has specific criteria and requirements for each work visa. In this article, we will discuss what are the application process and the paperwork needed when applying for a Work Permit.

What is a Work Permit?

Work Permits enable unskilled and semi-skilled foreign employees from a pre-approved list of countries to get a job in particular labor-intensive industries such as service, manufacturing,  marine shipyard, or construction industry. Individual sectors have other special requirements for providing work permits.

There are specific required numbers for each sector, and it’s what we called the Dependency Ratio Ceiling (DRC). For example, the services sector’s SRC is 38% but will be lessened to 35% from 1 January 2021. Companies and employers must pay a monthly levy for every employee and give necessary medical insurance.

When acknowledged, your Work Permit can be valid for up to two years. You can renew this work visa, but there are age limits and maximum employment periods. Work Permits have no minimum salary required, however, Work Permit holders cannot apply for necessary passes for their family members to get into Singapore, unlike S Pass Singapore and EPass.

Paperworks required

Make sure to gather all the required documents before applying for this type of work visa.

  • The company must secure written permission to apply on your behalf
  • Photocopy of the detailed section of your passport
  • Your education certifications approved by a reliable verification agency
  • The recent business profile of the company as registered with ACRA

Application process

If you wish to apply for this type of work visa, an appointed employment agency or your employer can apply for the visa from the Ministry of Manpower. This is also applicable to other kinds of visas like the S Pass Singapore visa and the EPass visa. Businesses and companies are expected to apply for a Work Permit on behalf of the employee. Employers overseas should ask a Singapore-based agency to present as a local sponsor. This local sponsor needs to apply for the Work Permit on behalf of the worker. Once they submit the application, it usually takes three weeks to process the online applications and eight weeks to apply manually.

Types of Work Permits

Performing artiste

As the name suggests, this work permit is applicable to performing artists. Those foreign artists who want to work on legal public entertainment markets are eligible to get this permit. However, this type of work permit is only valid for up to six months. You can’t renew this permit and restricts the holder to submit an application for another work permit within a year.

Confinement nanny

Work permit for confinement nanny is very different from the other work permits because this visa is only valid for up to 16 weeks. Only Malaysians are allowed to apply as well. Normally, the employer can hire an ex-pat confinement nanny a month before she goes into labor. After the mother fully recovered from the delivery of the child, the work visa of the confinement nanny expires at 16 weeks or at the end of their employment.

Foreign domestic worker

This Work Permit is only applicable to foreign domestic workers. This type of Work Permit is often valid for up to two years and will also depend on when the security bond will expire.

Foreign worker

This specific Work Permit is for foreign employees who want to work in specific industries such as the process, marine shipyard, manufacturing, construction, and services industry. Unlike applying for an S Pass Singapore and EPass visa, there are also pre-approved countries to consider.

Seek help from an agency

Many people want to work in Singapore because of its growing economy. But not all foreign workers are eligible to get a job in the country. They need to secure a work visa first to land a job such as Work Permits, S Pass Singapore visa, and Employment Pass scheme. If you need help to apply for a Work Permit, you can seek help from Ren Ai Group. We are experienced in employment visa applications.

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