How to get a million followers on TikTok

By now, it’s no secret that TikTok is the platform of choice for creators looking to build an audience in 2022. With the insane reach, hard to put down content, and overall ingenuity of the platform, it’s no wonder people from all areas of business have flocked to the app.

It isn’t uncommon on TikTok for someone new to the platform’s video to go viral, leading to thousands of followers within a matter of days, sometimes even hours. With a lot going on in business, managing it can be challenging. That being said, there are always tips and strategies that we can learn from those who have already done it.

Being curious by nature, I wanted to find out how some of these creators had grown rapidly. Fortunately, I was introduced to Kyle Elliott through a good friend of mine back in July. Kyle is an entrepreneurial TikToker who amassed a whopping one million followers on the platform in less than 24 months.

Having spent a few hours on Zoom calls picking his brain, I asked him the question: If I wanted to get to one million TikTok followers within a couple of years, what are a few things I can do? Kyle’s strategy is simple, and he was kind enough to share it with me, and I now must share it with you.

Here are the four tips on how to grow to one million followers on TikTok.

Choosing a niche

As the saying goes, the riches are in the niches. When choosing a niche to pursue on TikTok, you will be most successful when selecting something you are either passionate about or have expertise in.

Perhaps the most important thing to do before selecting your niche is your research. Search up a keyword in your niche. Take a look at your potential competitors. Note the amount of views on the keywords hashtag (make sure it has almost or more than one billion views).

Check what type of content works in that particular niche. Once you’ve done this, come up with the unique angle you will leverage. It can be a specific hook, style, etc. You can’t be just like everyone else; you need to be able to differentiate yourself in some way.

Consistency and Cadence

You will never unlock meaningful growth without consistency. But, and this is very important, do not over commit to a cadence that isn’t sustainable. Many people get very excited initially and want to post five, six, seven, or even ten times a day. It is a surefire way to hit a content block. And, once you miss just a single day, you will be unmotivated and quit.

If all you can commit to is one daily post, that’s okay. Your goal is to become a part of your audience’s routine, a small part of their everyday life.

So remember, stay consistent, no matter the cadence.

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Content Creation

The two most important things in content creation are having a strong hook and creating content native to the TikTok app.

First, your hook is the most important factor when creating content on TikTok. Attention spans in humans are dropping dramatically. You only have a few seconds to capture the attention of viewers. It requires a thumb-stopping hook. They will respect what you say if you can catch their eye first. But the rest of your video doesn’t matter if you can’t hook people in.

Second, your content has to have that TikTok feel. The fastest way to not make it on TikTok is to make it evident that your content was not created in the app. It is highly recommended that the shooting, editing, and posting are all done natively on the app for maximum efficiency and exposure.

Optimization Tools

Regarding hashtags, trends, and sounds, they are all nothing but optimization tools. None of these things will make you go viral or prevent you from going. However, they are essential tools to optimize your content.

When talking about hashtags, it’s almost certain that you’ve heard an array of tactics from various TikTok gurus. The most important thing to understand is the role they play on TikTok. Different from an app like Instagram (where hashtags are all about discoverability), hashtags on TikTok are solely for categorizing content. So, you will want to use the most significant hashtags in your niche.

It tells TikTok’s algorithm that your content is suitable for a wide variety of people on their app, and this is something they love. You don’t want to use multiple trending and broad hashtags. All this does is show your content to people who may not have the least bit of interest in what your video is about.

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P.S: keep it between three to five tags per post

Talking about trends, utilizing app-wide trends, and applying them to your niche can work wonders, as long as that’s not all you’re doing. Remember, people follow you because you create content they can’t find anywhere else, not because you’re following the same trends that millions of other people do daily.

Sounds can get interesting. You want to use trending sounds to your advantage. But, if it doesn’t fit well with the video, don’t overdo it. Typically, you want to pick a sound familiar to people on the app that matches your video’s general vibe.

So whether you’re just starting or an already established TikToker, these are the four proven steps to grow your account to one million followers in under two years. Just like most things in life, incredible things are possible with patience, discipline, and consistency.

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