Struggling In online course? 5 Tips to Score Better

Are you on the brink of abandoning yet another online course by Do My Online Class that you started? Are you running low on motivation, and you feel like no amount of effort is helping you get through the course? Well, you are not alone. Most students taking online courses face these problems when studying becomes unappealing and you find yourself failing your course assessments.

Don’t worry though as here are some pointers for you. Try these tips and you are guaranteed to see improvement.

Struggling In an online course? 5 Tips to Score Better

Breakdown Your Study Goals

When beginning an online course, it’s a great idea to break down your end goal into smaller doable ones. Breaking down a larger task makes it more achievable.

After every lecture, write down possible steps you can take to fully comprehend and study the topic which you covered. Writing it down will help you visualize the process and determine whether your steps are manageable for you.

Start by breaking down one lecture at a time rather than taking the entire course at once. Follow your steps routinely. In this manner, you can also be punctual with the required assignments and/ or quizzes of your course.

Moreover, following this method will make you feel more productive. Otherwise, students often feel overwhelmed by the amount of studying material and lose motivation. Regardless of the fact, that they may be studying at a very good pace. Hence, keeping smaller targets will show you your growth towards the ultimate goal. Observing which will maintain your motivation level.

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Make Notes

This feels almost self-explanatory, and surely most students are aware of how much notes help with learning. However, many people studying online tend to skip taking notes. Since the material is always accessible online, it can make students feel that making notes is of no use.

This is not true. Taking notes of your lecture is still very helpful. Don’t view it as a tedious task rather, understand that notes are going to help you in online courses as they do otherwise.

Taking notes will shorten the time it takes for you to revise a topic. So, each time before you sit for your assignment or test, you can take a quick peek at your notes. This will help you recall the lesson and even the little details one can sometimes skip over.

Hence, you should begin taking notes of your online lectures if you have not been taking them so far. If this feels useless still, then experiment with it yourself. Study two lessons. For the first, do not take any notes and study using only the online resources already available. With the next, try making notes. The aesthetics do not matter by the way. This time when you sit for your assessment after studying from notes, you’re guaranteed to see improvement in results.

Try Cue Cards

You can understand it as a sub-part of notes. Since the key here is to eliminate habits that are time-consuming and not effective, one must try cue cards. The shorter and fun type of taking notes.

Cut small equally sized pieces of paper. On one side of each piece of paper, write a relevant question. And then the answers of the other side. Do this for as many questions as you have, and if you wish to revise them frequently. These are the cue cards.

With the help of these cue cards, try and quiz yourself on the topic you want to learn. Pick each piece of paper one after the other. Read the question on it and before revealing the answer on the other side, quiz yourself on it.

This will allow you to memorize the answers and test yourself on the questions more frequently. After all, no one likes to go through wordy documents that take hours to finish. So let’s be honest, cue cards are much more fun and a quick way to learn.

Take Benefit Of Peer Discussion Forums

Almost every online course website would provide you with a discussion forum. This forum is for peers to converse among themselves and ask questions that they may have.

Peer discussion forums can be of great help. When you find yourself stuck at a point in the lecture, post your question on this forum. In no time you are likely to receive an answer from your peers.

These discussion forums are also of great help in terms of moral support. You may not always be the one to have a question. Sometimes your peer may be the one in need and you can answer their question for them. Other times you may simply feel exhausted and want to abandon yet another course.

In that scenario, you will find much support among your peers. They will be the ones to remind you of the importance of the course. In that way, it will increase your sense of motivation and feeling of moral and practical support that is created within the group.

Lastly, if you do not find any peer discussion forum on your course website then look elsewhere online. There are student groups on many social media sites where you can easily find students taking the same course as you.

Stop Over/Underestimating Yourself

Keep in mind to not over or underestimate yourself when setting goals or overall enrolling yourself in a course. Make sure you’re aware of the prerequisite that may be required for a course that you registered for. Taking a course that is too advanced or beginner level can hurt your motivation level during the course. You may find it incredibly difficult or too easy that it feels almost useless to take it.

So, carry out proper research on the course before you decide on it. Along the way, as you study the course, set realistic goals for yourself. Do not compare yourself with others or their pace.


In conclusion, the process of studying online should be easy and fun, regardless of the difficulty level of a course. But that is almost never the case. This is why many students abandon online courses in between. You can always find someone to Pay Someone To Do My Assignment but you’ll lose a chance to learn something. So, keep in mind to make the process of learning fun for yourself. Give these pointers a chance and see how easily you’ll be bagging A grades on online courses.

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