Reasons Why Automatic Transmission is Suitable for Urban Cars

ENTRE News – In general, cars are equipped with manual and automatic or automatic transmissions, to transfer power from the engine to each of the drive wheels. Both have different characteristics and operating methods, so consumers who want to buy a car need to consider the type of transmission they will choose. Automatic transmission is more suitable for urban cars for certain reasons. The following is an expert explanation of why city cars should use an automatic transmission. Hardi Wibowo, owner of Aha Motor Yogyakarta, said that automatic cars could be said to be more suitable for urban passenger vehicles.

“Automatic cars tend to be easier to operate, because the driver doesn’t need to adjust the gear acceleration ratio in every condition, just by positioning the automatic lever in D, the system will change the ratio automatically according to needs,” said Hardi.

Hardi said that the character of the automatic transmission certainly supports traffic conditions in urban areas where there are more traffic jams.

“It will be easier for drivers to operate an automatic car because they don’t need to play with the clutch pedal and move the transmission lever all the time,” said Hardi.

Comfort is also obtained from the passenger side, because the acceleration shift in an automatic car feels smoother so it feels smoother when driving.

“Meanwhile, in a manual car, you will feel a jolt when shifting acceleration, passengers will nod off when the road conditions are congested, and what’s more, the driver is not yet skilled at using the clutch pedal,” said Hardi.

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