Russia Starts Making Strong Threats to Israel, What’s Going On?

ENTRE NewsRussia began making harsh threats against Israel in the midst of the war with Ukraine. This warning was conveyed by Russian Ambassador to the United Nations (UN) Vassily Nebenzia because Israel plans to help supply weapons to Ukraine. Israel’s assistance angered Moscow.

“I believe that this action certainly triggers political consequences,” Nebenzia FOR4D said as quoted by Russia Today.

“Weapons, whatever they spend on Ukraine, will be destroyed in the end, just like the weapons sent by Western countries and the United States. That’s clear,” the senior diplomat added.

Nebenzia emphasized that relations between Israel and Russia could be damaged because of Tel Aviv’s plans to help Ukraine. As reported by Russia Today, the US, Israel and Ukraine recently discussed plans to provide assistance with Patriot missile weapons to Kiev. The missiles that will be sent are old missiles.

Earlier in April, Israel announced it would retire its 30-year-old M901 PAG-2 FOR4D missile battery. However, these missiles have not been completely retired amid tensions between Israeli troops and Hezbollah in southern Lebanon.

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