Hezbollah Fires Hundreds of Rockets at Israel after Senior Commander Killed

ENTRE NewsThe Hezbollah militia group fired hundreds of rockets at Israel after their senior commander was killed in a Zionist attack in southern Lebanon. Hezbollah on Wednesday (3/7) announced that Muhammad Nimah Nasser, known as Hajj Abu Naameh, was killed as a result of an Israeli attack. Hezbollah did not specify where Nasser died.

But a source told Al Jazeera that a Hezbollah commander was killed in the city of Tyre. A source close to Hezbollah also confirmed to AFP that Nasser was killed in the city. Not long after the announcement, the Iran-backed militia launched 100 Katyusha rockets at the Israeli military base.

Reporting from Al Jazeera, Muhammad Nimah Nasser is the third senior Hezbollah commander to die as a result of Israeli attacks since October. A source said Nasser had the same rank as Taleb Abdallah, a top Hezbollah commander who was killed earlier and angered the militia group. Abdallah was the highest ranking Hezbollah military officer who was killed as a result of the Zionist attack.

Abdallah’s death prompted Hezbollah to launch one of the largest barrage of rockets the group has ever launched at northern Israel. The Israeli military has confirmed that their attack did target Nasser. According to the Zionist military, Nasser was an associate of Abdallah and was responsible for anti-tank and rocket attacks from southwest Lebanon.

This attack comes amid recent tensions between Israel and Hezbollah, which are feared to trigger an outbreak of war. Israel says it has agreed to war plans with Hezbollah. Responding to this, Hezbollah admitted that it was not afraid and returned to challenge Israel. The conflict between Israel and Hezbollah itself occurred at the same time as the outbreak of Zionist aggression in Gaza. Hezbollah claims attacks on Israel are a form of solidarity with the Hamas group.



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