121 Killed at Hindu Death Festival Due to Indian Preacher ‘Confessing’ God

ENTRE News – India’s most famous religious preacher, Bhole Baba, was in the spotlight behind the deadly incident at the Hindu religious festival, Satsang, in Uttar Pradesh Province, India, Tuesday (2/7). A total of 121 people died during the Satsang festival which was attended by around 250 thousand worshipers from all over India. They specially came to meet the famous Hindu preacher, Bhole Baba alias Narayan Sakaar, who claimed to be a god.

Satsang is a dialogue between the congregation and the Satguru or teacher to teach spiritual matters. The bloody incident occurred after a dialogue event with Satguru. One eyewitness revealed the horrific situation when hundreds of people fell and were trampled as a result of crowding out.

“When the sermon was over, everyone ran,” said Shakuntala, quoted by local Indian media.

The official, who did not want to be named, said that after the sermon, residents rushed towards the exit trying to touch Baba’s feet. The situation, he said, caused a large crowd in a small area, as quoted by NDTV.

Local Indian media also reported that residents were trying to collect dust left by the ‘religious figure’s footsteps or car tires. This triggered a stampede that resulted in many people, including women and children, being trampled.

From the reports there were two movements of the crowd, those heading for the door and others moving in the opposite direction to collect dust. Meanwhile, lawyer for preacher Bhole Baba stated that his client would not run away from responsibility for the deaths of 121 people.

The former Indian police officer disappeared after the deadly incident at the Satsang festival. Slot Online A number of local Indian media, as quoted by AFP, reported that Bhole Baba had pulled over to one of his temples. Bhole Baba’s lawyer, AP Singh, told AFP that his client was innocent of the deadly festival incident that killed 121 people.

“There is no reason for him to hide. He has never hidden in his life. He believes in the legal process. He will obey the directions of the police,” said Singh.


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