French President Macron Rejects PM’s Resignation Letter Who Lost Legislative Election

ENTRE News – French President Emmanuel Macron rejected Prime Minister Gabriel Attal’s resignation letter after the Renaissance party lost in the second round of parliamentary elections. The French presidential office said Macron was keeping Attal under control.

“The president has asked Gabriel Attal to remain prime minister temporarily to ensure the country’s stability,” Macron’s office said in a release.

Attal visited the Elysee Palace to tender his resignation on Monday morning. He previously announced he was ready to resign after the party lost. However, he also stated that he was ready to remain in office longer as a temporary official.

Furthermore, Attal said he would leave the decision in the hands of the president. He also believes that France is currently in an uncertain situation because there is no absolute majority vote in parliament.

“Our country is experiencing an unprecedented political situation,” he said.

The left-wing New Popular Front (NFP) coalition won the second round of parliamentary voting. They succeeded in defeating the Marcon, Renaissance and right-wing National Rally (RN) parties.

This coalition consists of the Green Party, Communist Party, and La France Insoumise (LFE). They won 190 of 578 seats. Meanwhile, Macron’s alliance got 160 seats and the RN 140 seats. Despite occupying the top position, the NFP failed to achieve more than half of the parliamentary majority. So far no PM candidate has emerged. Socialist Party leader Olivier Faure said NFP allies would choose a candidate to replace Attal.

“Either through consensus or voting [this week],” he said, quoted by AFP.

Apart from that, the NFP’s victory in the second round received a positive response from many parties because RN did not lead France. In the first round, RN won by a landslide. Some feared they would bring France to the brink of collapse.

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