Tokyo Reports 6 People Died Due to Extreme Heat in Japan

ENTRE NewsTokyo authorities reported six people died due to extreme heat reaching 41 degrees Celsius in Japan. Tokyo’s medical examination institute recorded three deaths on Monday (8/7) and another three deaths at the end of last week.

Meanwhile, Japan’s Department of Fire and Natural Disasters said at least 2,276 people were rushed to hospital due to extreme heat attacks in the last week of June. Some of the patients are elderly 64 years and over.

On Monday, Shingu City in Wakayama Prefecture recorded a temperature of 39.6 degrees Celsius, while Fuchu City in Tokyo recorded 39.2 degrees Celsius. Extreme heat also occurred in Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture, which recorded 38.9 degrees Celsius.

Several other areas also recorded temperatures of almost 40 degrees, such as Saitama City with 38.6 degrees Celsius, Shizuoka City with 37.4 degrees Celsius, Kyoto City with 36.7 degrees Celsius, Oita City with 36.6 degrees Celsius, and Tokyo with 36. degrees Celsius.

In response to the extreme weather, authorities issued a heat stroke warning. They also appealed to residents to avoid outdoor activities including sports and recommended using air conditioning (AC) indoors.

“Without air conditioning, I find it difficult to survive,” said Tokyo resident Sumiko Yamamoto.

Sumiko feels that the weather where she lives has become much hotter since last year. He tries to stay as hydrated as possible.

“Because I am old, I am careful not to faint,” he added.

The Japanese Statistics Agency stated that the death rate due to heat waves in Japan increased from an average of 201 people between 1994-1000 to 1,295 people from 2018 to 2022. As many as 80-90 percent of the victims who died due to heat waves in Japan were elderly people aged 65 years and over.

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